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Curious what life is like with an adorable Labradoodle? Our Doodle Diaries take you hour-by-hour through a typical day for these friendly, floppy-eared dogs and their families. Read on for a glimpse into the playful, affectionate world of Labradoodles!

Doodle Diaries A Day in the Life of a Labradoodle

7:00 AM – Rise and Shine!

The day starts with your Labradoodle pup Noelle nuzzling under the covers, ready to cuddle and officially wake you up. After a few minutes of ear scratches and belly rubs, you reluctantly peel yourself out of bed. Noelle springs up, eager to start her morning routine.

7:15 AM – Potty Pit Stop

After clipping on Noelle’s leash, you head outside for an early bathroom trip. She sniffs happily around her favorite grassy spot to find just the right place to go, then it’s treat time! You praise her for going potty outside as you have since she was a young puppy. Now five months old, her house training is right on track thanks to positive reinforcement.

7:30 AM – Breakfast Time

Noelle gobbles up her bowl of kibble mixed with a spoonful of canned puppy food – her favorite meal combo! While she’s focused on eating, you add more water to her dish. Proper hydration is important for your baby Labradoodle. You also refresh the ice in her water bottle toy to help ease teething discomfort.

8:00 AM – Morning Play Session

An hour after breakfast, it’s time for Noelle’s first play and training session of the day. You take her into the yard to burn off some of her puppy energy! After allowing zoomies and fetch for 20 minutes, you work on reinforcing commands like sit, stay, down, leave it, spin and come. She responds eagerly, knowing treats will follow success. You end each short session on a positive note, then it’s back inside for water and a chance to settle down.

9:30 AM – Naptime

Following an action-packed morning, your worn out pup is ready for a nap break. She curls up cozily in her crate with a safe chew toy or two. You may hear occasional rustling as she repositions during her snooze. While Noelle naps, you can catch up on chores and work knowing she’ll stay out of trouble. Later, she’ll be recharged for more adventures!

11:30 AM – Potty & Play Break

After letting Noelle outside to relieve herself, you spend another 15 minutes practicing skills and playing her favorite game of tug. She’s got so much excited puppy energy, so you’re diligent about providing constructive physical and mental outlets. Your consistent training is paying off, strengthening her obedience. You notice her impulse control around squirrels is improving too!

12:00 PM – Lunchtime

While you make your own lunch, Noelle enjoys another tasty, nutritious meal from her bowl. She’s thrilled to get a few scraps of plain chicken as a midday treat. Always curious, she sits and offers a trick or two, hoping for more tasty morsels! But you stick to the rules to avoid overfeeding or begging behaviors. Healthy boundaries make for a happy, well-behaved dog.

12:30 PM – Quiet Time

After eating, Noelle often chooses to lounge by your feet or cuddle up while you watch TV or handle chores. The time after meals tends to be her natural calm period. When she’s extra wound up, you may place her in her pen with a puzzle toy or stuffed Kong to redirect her energy. This prevents zoomies from turning destructive!

2:00 PM – Afternoon Adventure

Now that Noelle’s had a chance to recharge, it’s time for a longer enrichment outing! You load her into the car for a trip to the park, beach or hiking trail. She LOVES car rides and new places to explore. At the park, you play more fetch, let her splash in a pond or creek, and socialize with friendly dogs you meet along the trails. Exposing your Labradoodle to new sights and experiences helps prevent fearfulness. She arrives home pleasantly tuckered out!

4:00 PM – Grooming Session

While Noelle naps, you lay out her brush, comb and nail clippers for a grooming session later. When she awakens, you have her hop up on a non-slip surface. Talking sweetly, you brush her soft coat free of tangles, swishing her fluffy tail. Next you clip her nails, one foot at a time. Last is a mini spa facial – you wipe around her eyes, clean inside her ears and trim any fuzzy hairs. Regular handling keeps grooming pleasant and stress-free.

5:00 PM – Dinner Time

After another potty break, Noelle races to her bowl excitedly as you pour in her dinner kibble. You remind her to sit patiently until you set the bowl down and release her to “Go eat!” She appreciates you sticking to this mannerly routine at mealtimes. While she munches away, you add fresh water to her dish. Good nutrition sets the foundation for a healthy, happy pup!

6:00 PM – Family Time

The evening hours are Noelle’s favorite time of day, spent relaxing and playing with her beloved family. She brings you her favorite toys to toss and trade for tasty treats. You practice a few easy tricks she’s learned in puppy class like waving and spinning. She snuggles next to the kids while they work on homework, then plays tug and keep-away. Before bedtime she’ll get one more potty break and short training session.

9:00 PM – Bedtime!

Noelle lets out a big puppy yawn – the signal she’s ready to wind down for the night. After her final bathroom trip, you give her a stuffed Kong toy to appease her before bed. She happily settles in her crate, cozy and content after an engaging day. As you drift off too, Noelle is dreaming of the fun that tomorrow will bring!

Being a pup parent is a big commitment, but your loyal Labradoodle will repay your hard work a hundred times over. Each ordinary day together strengthens your extraordinary bond for life. There’s no love quite like Doodle love!

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